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In the past few years, the internet has become an inseparable part of our everyday life. Thanks to it, we can do shopping without leaving home, paying bills or even filing a tax return. Non-banking loan companies also belong to the group of institutions providing their online services.

Online lenders

Online lenders

The development of modern technologies brings many benefits. Undoubtedly one of them is fast and universal access to information and services that previously required us not only to devote our free time, but also to get through many formal procedures. Non-banking loan companies also joined the group of online institutions.

Certainly, many of us remember when their activities were limited to domestic service or sales in a few stationary outlets. With time and changes introduced in the law, they were transferred to the Internet. This resulted not only in the expansion of the target group, but also the emergence of new service providers.

The effect of these activities is the diversity of the offer available today and the opportunity to receive the necessary money even within 15 minutes.

Anti-usury law

However, the popularity of non – bank loans was also associated with negative consequences, which included, among others, the emergence of companies operating in a manner that was not in accordance with the principles of ethics and responsible lending. Fortunately, the introduction of the anti-usury law amendment (Journal of Laws 2011 No. 126 item 715, as amended) allowed not only to eliminate dishonest entities, but also to legally regulate the activities of those present.

The main objective of the new provisions was to reduce non-interest costs, i.e. related to insurance, commission, preparation fee or still active home service.

As a result, they can not exceed 25% of the total commitment amount and 30% of the borrowed amount per year. In addition, in the case of long-term loans, an additional restriction has been introduced which guarantees that the costs will not exceed the amount of financial support received.

An important information is also the limit related to late payment fees. They can not exceed the maximum interest for delay specified in the Civil Code, that is twice the statutory rate, i.e. 14%.

How to choose a loan via the Internet?

How to choose a loan via the Internet?

Why did we mention the anti-usury law? This is the basic document that regulates the activity of loan companies. Therefore, when applying for a loan online, we should be aware of the rights that both us and the lender and restrictions are entitled to. If we are looking for financial help on our own, it will allow us to eliminate institutions that conduct unfair practices.

Remember that according to the provisions of the Act on consumer credit, each lender is obliged to provide clients with information on the amount of the APRC, ie the annual percentage rate of charge, the framework contract and a representative example of a loan. However, in view of the above information, first and foremost, we should be guided by our financial capabilities and needs. It is important that we can pay off the liability after the lending period.

For this purpose, it will be necessary to analyze your household budget and determine the amount that you can spend every month without any problems on settling your debt.

A longer repayment date is associated with higher costs. Even so, when our finances do not allow you to take advantage of a shorter loan period, it is better to accept the terms available than to worry about the growing interest for delay later.

If the chosen company does not meet our expectations in the end, it is worth using the comparison engines that guarantee us access to many offers in one place. Thanks to this, we will get access to the opinions of specialists and existing borrowers, as well as save time.

What conditions should be met?

Loan companies limit all formalities to a minimum, which allows us to submit an application even in a few minutes. In addition, the conditions set for borrowers are easier to meet than those applicable in banking institutions.

The applicant should have first of all citizenship of the Republic of Poland, which will be confirmed by a valid ID card, place of residence in the country and full legal capacity. Additionally, it will be necessary to have your own bank account, phone number and e-mail address.

We also need to earn income that allows you to pay your debt without any problems. Remember that in many cases, the final decision depends on a positive credit rating. Why have not we mentioned the age of the borrower before? In this matter, everything depends on the lender.

Of course, each applicant should be 18 years old, but detailed guidelines are subject to internal arrangements. That is why both offers that assume the necessity of reaching the age of majority and those requiring the client to finish, for example, 20 years are made available.

How to get a loan online?

How to get a loan online?

The transfer of loan companies from stationary outlets to websites enabled us to access forms on a 24-hour basis. Thanks to this, we do not have to worry about having to ask the boss for a vacation in order to complete the formalities or gather the necessary documentation.

To complete the application, we need: a device connected to the network (telephone, tablet, laptop), a valid ID card, a bank account number and basic information about your financial situation. If we are sure that we have all the necessary data, we can go to submit an application.

The first step will be to go to the website of the lender and determine with the help of sliders or a drop-down list of the amount and credit period of interest to us. Then, read the repayment costs.

If everything is correct, click ‘Submit application’. At this point, we start filling out the form. We will need: personal, contact, address, financial and bank account details. When we make sure that all information is correct, we can approve the application and proceed with identity verification.

This usually happens as a result of the implementation of a micro-shot, telephone conversation or through a special application. It is also worth getting ready for a possible request to provide bank statements. After completing this stage, we only have to wait for the decision of the lender.

Online loan payment

Most lenders inform that the payment of the requested funds will take place almost immediately after receiving the credit decision. However, the date by which they will be credited to our account depends on the elixir session in force at the bank outlet and the method of their delivery.

Depending on the decision of the lender, we can use a traditional transfer, pay by check or express transfer systems.

If you want a quick and reliable online loan, check out Aasa’s offer. When submitting the application, you decide how you want to receive the allocated funds.

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Payday Loan during pregnancy Thu, 28 Feb 2019 11:01:38 +0000 Read More


A loan is often indispensable during pregnancy. This is particularly true of the first child whose complete purchase a pair has to fund. In many cases, the addition of a family even requires a move. Choosing the right time facilitates borrowing during pregnancy.

Take the installment loan as early as possible during pregnancy

Working expectant mothers best receive the credit needed for their child during pregnancy at a time when they are still in full employment. This is usually the case up to six weeks prior to scheduled delivery, leaving enough time to complete the loan application after the pregnancy has been determined. A lender may not ask applicants if they are pregnant. He carries out the household bill thus with the usual labor income of the expectant mother. This ensures that she can pay the resulting installments even after the birth of the child.

An agreement whereby the borrower can make special repayments without charging prepayment interest allows for faster loan repayment in case of unexpected additional revenue. Although a favorable interest rate for the loan during pregnancy is the most important selection criterion, a flexible loan agreement with slightly higher interest rates is generally more advantageous than the cheapest, but completely rigid loan offer. Expectant mothers therefore pay attention in their credit comparison both to the interest payable and to the other terms of the contract. A single negative private credit entry does not completely exclude borrowing from domestic banks during pregnancy. Many credit institutions generally reject lending in this case,

Borrowing from non-working expectant mothers

Borrowing from non-working expectant mothers

Non-working expectant mothers will ideally receive a necessary loan during pregnancy together with their partner. This is basically possible if the couple does not or does not live together. With few exceptions, the credit banks do not require identical residence for both applicants for joint borrowing. If the partner also earns only a small income or the relationship no longer exists, borrowing together with future grandparents is also conceivable. If prospective mothers apply for a loan during pregnancy only a few weeks before the expected date of birth and at this time already receive maternity benefits, they are also considered as non-working applicants at most credit institutions.

Only a few financial institutions assess the maternity allowance of the statutory health insurance funds and their increase by the employer as a full-fledged earned income. If mothers wish to take on their loan during pregnancy, without applying for a co-applicant, they will look for the few credit institutions that consider this benefit as income in a household bill. Relevant information can be found in the respective procurement guidelines or in the comments on the income calculation on the website of a bank. For this reason, pregnant credit seekers visit the homepages of eligible loan institutions after making a loan comparison.

An organized personal loan during pregnancy

An organized personal loan during pregnancy

As an alternative to a bank loan, it is possible to apply for a loan during pregnancy on an online platform for private individuals. On the corresponding platforms, expectant mothers who do not engage in regular gainful employment will receive a loan much more easily than traditional commercial banks.

Unlike traditional banks, expectant mothers indicate on their request on a private money placement platform that they apply for the necessary credit during their pregnancy. While there is no such obligation, many private lenders like to write requests that support the need for funding. This is particularly true of an impending birth so that women on the appropriate platforms can easily get a personal loan during their pregnancy.

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Payday loans for Private Employees: the best discounts Fri, 22 Feb 2019 14:46:14 +0000 Read More


We discover Payday loans for private employees. All you need to know about these financing options that allow customers to have access to the desired credit at extremely advantageous terms. We will analyze all the best facilities for those who are employees of private companies, with the expected economic treatment.

Payday loans for Private Employees: requirements and who to contact for the best benefits

Social Institute loans for Private Employees: requirements and who to contact for the best benefits

If you are looking for a personal loan, if you are a private employee then you will be pleased to know that you will have access to subsidized loans. It is not news that the category of employees is particularly well liked by banks and financial institutions because they are customers who can offer excellent guarantees, which minimizes the risk of insolvency. In this article we deal in particular with Social Institute personal loans, which are probably the ideal solution for employees and pensioners residing in Italy. This type of financing is in fact characterized by extremely advantageous economic conditions, with an advantage also from the point of view of the required requisites. It is not necessary to present any real guarantee such as the ownership of a building, just as it is not necessary to present a guarantor. The only guarantee that is required to access Payday loans for private employees is the last paycheck.

The paycheck is the best guarantee ever, as it is a constant and insured entry every month. This is the difference between employees and self-employed workers. In particular we want to analyze subsidized loans for private employees. In this sense, we must consider the difference between this category of customers and that of public employees. The latter category is in fact more protected as public companies can guarantee greater guarantees to the bank or financial institution that provides the loan. For this reason, on the Social Institute website, we are describing loans reserved exclusively for public sector employees. In particular, the products are aimed at workers enrolled in Public Management and Magisterial Management. In any case, this does not mean that Social Institute subsidized loans are not also aimed at employees of private companies, albeit with some restrictions.

Payday loans for private employees are directed exclusively to employees of the Italian Post Office and all related companies. Although many think that it is a public company, in reality since 1998 it is in effect a Spa and therefore no longer a public body as it was in the past. For this reason, the Payday loans reserved for members of the Poste Funds Management are in effect the personal loans for private employees. Before analyzing in detail the characteristics of the financing options reserved for employees of these private companies, it is worth pointing out that Social Institute deals exclusively with the management of these products. To obtain the desired financing, it will not be necessary to contact the National Institute of Social Security, as it is not a credit institution. Whom to contact, therefore, to obtain the best loan facilities offered by Social Institute? On the Social Institute website it is possible to consult the complete list of the banks and financial institutions. These include, for example, Agos Ducato, BNL, Compass, Deutsche Bank, Fineco, Intesa Sanpaolo, Santander, Unicredit and many others.

Small Social Institute Loan for Private Employees: repayment installments and interest rates

Small Social Institute Loan for Private Employees: repayment installments and interest rates

The first type of subsidized loan offered by Social Institute and aimed at private employees is the small loan. This type of financing can be very useful in several cases, and it is no coincidence that it is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after personal loan options. So let’s see the main features of this product, which as mentioned above is addressed exclusively to employees of the Italian Post Offices and associated companies. Among the requirements that are reported on the Social Institute website page related to this specific product, it is underlined that in order to have access to the desired credit it is necessary that the customer has gained 2 years of service seniority. It is also good to specify the fact that, since it is a personal loan in all respects, it is not necessary to state any reasons to be able to present the request for funding. So let’s see what are the main features of the small Social Institute loan for private employees.

First of all, the type of financing envisaged with this Social Institute loan is that of the sale of the fifth. This loan option is the most quoted one when it is aimed at employees. There are several advantages of this type of loan, characterized by repayment installments that do not exceed the fifth of the net salary received. This means that in any case the monthly installments will be rather light, which allows you to complete the repayment without problems. The amount that can be requested through the small Social Institute loan for private employees does not have a fixed maximum threshold. The maximum amount of money to which you can have access depends on the salary received by the applicant and the duration chosen for the loan. In particular, the small Social Institute loan can have a duration of 12 months, 24 months, 36 months or 48 months. In any case, the Taeg interest rate is fixed at 5.00%, therefore very low compared to the competition: this is the reason why Payday loans represent the best benefits for private employees.

Based on the duration chosen for the small loan, the maximum amount that can be requested is therefore defined. In particular, for each year of the repayment plan, a net monthly salary or two net monthly salary payments may be required. This means that with the small Social Institute loan you can receive an amount ranging from one month to a maximum of eight months salary net. Funding costs include administrative expenses and expense for the Risk Fund, which depends on the age of the client and the duration chosen. These items of expenditure are shown in the applied interest rate Taeg, which will be defined at the time of the request and will remain constant for the entire duration of the loan. Once you receive a small loan for private employees you can also request renewal, under the same conditions as the previous loan. In particular for annual loans it is possible to request renewal after 5 months, for a two-year loan after 10 months, for a three-year loan after 15 months and finally for a four-year loan only after 20 months.

Multi-year Loan Social Institute Private Employees: amount that can be requested and duration of the loan

Multi-year Loan Social Institute Private Employees: amount that can be requested and duration of the loan

If you are interested in receiving a fairly high sum of money, then among the best benefits in circulation there is certainly the multi-year Social Institute loan for private employees. The general characteristics of the loan are very similar to those of the small loan that we analyzed in the previous paragraphs. Also in this case it is in fact a transfer of the fifth, so that the repayment installments that can be set will depend on the salary received by the private employee making the request. Once the monthly payment has been set, in order to know the maximum amount to which it is possible to access, it is necessary to choose the duration of the loan. The multi-year loan Social Institute provides two different options: the five-year loan and the ten-year loan. From here it is easy to understand why this product is aimed in particular at customers interested in receiving an important sum of money, while taking advantage of the possibility of setting rather low repayment installments.

Unlike the small Social Institute loan, the multi-year loan can only be requested by specifying the reason why you need the amount of money you want to receive. In particular, the allowed reasons are defined, among which we find the purchase of land or a house, the renovation of the house, the purchase of ecological motor vehicles, medical expenses, organization of ceremonies and more. Among the requisites required is that of having matured 4 years of seniority in role-playing. Regarding the maximum amount that can be requested, this obviously also depends in this case on the net salary received. In particular, to know the amount of money we can receive, it is necessary to multiply the maximum payment, equal to one fifth of the salary, by the number of months of the repayment plan, equal to 60 or 120. The result of this operation will be the amount that we can repay, gross of interest and related costs.

With regard to the interest rates applied to multi-year Payday loans for private employees, in this case too the Taeg is fixed, and will be equal to 3.50%. Also in this case it is useful to know that it is possible to request the renewal of the loan. The five-year loan can be renewed with another five-year loan only once 2 years have elapsed since the loan was granted. If after receiving a five-year loan you are interested in receiving a ten-year Social Institute loan, you can request renewal even without waiting for 2 years. As for ten-year loans, these can only be renewed with another 10-year loan, after 4 years from the start of the amortization plan. Finally, it is always possible to renew with a small loan, with the constraint that for each year of depreciation it is possible to request only one net salary month.



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